1. Medical In Person Interpreting

207 Interpreter LLC provides in person interpreting services (otherwise known as face-to-face or on-site interpreting). Our interpreters are happy to work around your schedule and to meet you at any given location for assignments. As in person interpreters, we specialize in facilitating communication between two parties who speak different languages.


2. Immigration and Criminal Law

207 Interpreters LLC contracts with qualified, professional, and experienced court Interpreters to support attorneys and their clients through immigration cases. Our job is to facilitate communication between parties in ongoing court cases by providing legal interpretation in immigration court proceedings.

Typically, clients in immigration cases may require interpreters with flexible schedules and after-hours availability, something our team would be happy to help with. We require anywhere from 3 to 6 weeks prior notice if services are required for an extensive/long trial. From time to time, we may fill in rush requests due to cancellations by other agencies.

In Immigration court, 207 Interpreters LLC provides:

  • Consecutive and simultaneous interpretation between foreign language and English when warranted

  • Three-way telephonic interpretations between government representatives and low English proficiency speakers

  • Sight translation if and when given a written document in one language and asked to read it aloud in another language

  • Quality control review of translated documents on a case by case basis

3. Social Services

207 Interpreters' primary objective in these assignments is to support social services and assist in finding solutions with the highest quality language access and best-trained social services interpreters. This portion of our services is often the most comforting as we work closely with New Mainers; a sense of familiarity with the Interpreter inadvertently helps newcomers assimilate and often results in motivation.


4. Education

The role of the interpreter in an educational setting is crucial for all who are involved, whether it be the educators, parents, or students alike. As a communication link, the interpreter is an important member of the educational team, with a responsibility to facilitate communication and consequently contributing to the implementation of a student’s IEP.


5. Family Law

Interpreting for family law cases presents many unique demands, whether that be inter-personally, culturally, or ethically. As cultural brokers, we understand this and work closely with families in order to put barriers aside and above all else serve our often distressed clientele. Our interpreters' unique perspectives and familiarity with a wide variety of cultures ensures their ability to adapt and go out of their way in order to create a safe environment.


6. Employment Law

207 Interpreters LLC provides qualified in-person legal interpreting services, aiming to assist communications in legal and paralegal settings. Our Court interpreters are trained and certified in a wide variety of fields including court interpreting; this, more often than not, is supplemented with industry specific knowledge.

For Employment Law cases, we select interpreters familiar with unemployment and other employment law aspects in order to ensure accuracy and familiarity.

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