Meet the CEO,

Eman Haj Alkhdair

Eman is a certified Medical and Legal Interpreter, as well as a Human Resources Director with a demonstrated history of working in the individual and family services industry. She is passionate about helping immigrants climb the difficult and discouraging ladder of social mobility and hopes to do this via her Home Care and Interpreter agencies. She is experienced with Nonprofit Organizations, Fundraising, and Translation. Amongst her top traits are Teamwork, Leadership, and Enthusiasm. While much of her experience centers around community service and human resources, she graduated with a Bachelor of Arts - BA focused on Political Science and Legal Studies from Wheaton College. Her parents, along with circumstances, have taught her that she needs to focus on the wider world around her, and what her role in it should be. Everything she does is dedicated to making her role that of positive influence and love. Stop by and say hello, there’s always something to do and help out with!

Nationally Certified

Nationally certified multinational interpreters specializing in over 16 languages.


Our team of skilled and experienced interpreters will work around your schedule. Flexible and easygoing, we will gladly go out of our way to fill your needs.


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